Pay-as-you-throw tag

We’ve introduced a pay-as-you-throw (PAYT) tag for all our rubbish bins to help reduce the amount of rubbish sent to landfill.

Your recycling, food waste and glass bins is collected on a regular basis, but the frequency of collection of your rubbish bin is up to you. For all serviced households there is a $3.95 per pick-up for general rubbish – a cost only charged when people attach a pre-paid tag to their rubbish bin.

If you do not attach a pre-paid tag to your rubbish bin, or attach it incorrectly, it will not be emptied. Ensure that the tag is looped through both the red and black handle on the side of the bin.

By implementing a pre-paid system, each household is only paying for the rubbish they generate – providing a financial incentive for people to reduce their waste.

So whether you put your rubbish bin out weekly, monthly, or are a super eco-warrior and do it once a year, the choice, and cost, is yours.

Moving away from single-use plastic bags is also better for the environment.

You can purchase your pre-paid PAYT tags from Council’s library and service centres, supermarkets, and some local stores. Please see below for a full list of retailers.

Retailer locations

You can purchase your PAYT tag at the below locations.

Please note that the recommended retail price is $3.95 for each tag.