Are you Bin-Fit?


Neither the food scraps bin or glass crate will be collected from the following dates after several of Council’s Kerbside Collective drivers have contracted the virus and are following Ministry of Health advice to self-isolate.

  • Food scraps from Thursday 3 March until further notice
  • Glass crates from Monday 7 March until further notice

During this time, you can freeze your food scraps if you have room, use them for compost or in your worm farm, or place them in your red lid rubbish bin.

Glass can be stored, or you can take it to one of our recycling centres or as a last resort place it in the red lid rubbish bin.

We apologise for any inconvenience.

Collection days

In order to streamline the new service, there are some collection day changes.

To view your address specific collection day, check out our online search function here!


Waihī Beach, Athenree, Bowentown – (to Woodlands Road but not Kauri Point Road and surrounding roads)


Katikati, Aongatete (from Kauri Point Road to Esdaile Road)


Ōmokoroa, Te Puna, Minden, Whakamarama (to Wairoa River)


Kaimai, Te Puke (part)*, Ohauiti, Oropi, Pyes Pa


Te Puke (part)*, Maketu, Pukehina, Paengaroa, Pongakawa

*Te Puke area has two different collection days. Please check the sticker on the yellow lid recycling bin to see the collection day for your address and then refer to your calendar.

Use our online collection day finder!

You can now find your collection day with our handy collection day finder. Simply start typing your address and wait for the dropdown bar before selecting the correct address.

Putting your bins out

Make sure you’re all set for collection day with the following kerbside rules:

  • Bins are out on the kerb by 7am and are left out until at least 7pm on your collection day. This is essential as there are a few new routes and some drivers collect certain bins at different times on the same collection day.
  • All lids are closed.
  • Bins and/or glass crate are not overfilled.
  • Bin contents can fall freely into truck.
  • If you’re putting your red lid rubbish bin out, your pay-as-you-throw tag is attached and looped through both the red and black handles.
  • There is a 30cm distance around large bins.
  • Your bins and glass crate aren’t in front of your letterbox. Most couriers will not deliver mail if the letterbox is not accessible.

Bins will not be collected if:

  • Bins are filled incorrectly. If you are not sure what item goes in which bin, use our item search finder here.
  • The driveway is blocked or hidden by trees.
  • Waste in bags or boxes beside bins.
  • Your pay-as-you-throw tag is not attached correctly. For example, it is only looped through one handle instead of the red and black handle.
  • Bins are not Western Bay of Plenty District Council bins or are third party bins.
  • Bin contents do not fall out freely.

In addition, a mobile Kerbside Coach will be checking bins to help and educate customers in this regard.

Missed collections

Red lid rubbish bin

If your red lid rubbish bin wasn’t collected please contact us to report a missed rubbish collection. You can do this by ringing 0800 926 732, filling out our online form, or the Antenno app.

We will investigate why this was the case but it could have been one of the following:

  • It was not your collection day. In this instance, double check your collection day with our online collection day finder here.
  • The bin was not placed on the kerb before 7 am.
  • You have not attached, or have incorrectly attached the pay-as-you-throw tag. For example, the tag is only attached to one handle instead of looped through the red and black handles.

If indeed a missed collection, please leave your bin at the kerbside for it to be collected or until advised otherwise.

However you can also take your excess rubbish to your closest transfer station.

Green Food scraps bin 

If your food scraps bin was not collected it may be as a result of incorrect items or it was lined with or contained plastic. Please remove the contamination before putting the bin out for collection next time.

Remember you can line your food scraps bin with newspaper.

Blue glass crate and yellow lid recycling bin

If your glass crate or yellow lid recycling bin was not collected please check your collection calendar to ensure you’ve put out the correct bin or crate that corresponds to your recycling week. In addition to this you can use our online collection day finder here.

If you believe you presented your recycle bin or glass crate correctly and it was missed, please contact us to report a missed recycling collection. You can do this by ringing 0800 926 732, using the online contact form or the Antenno app.

However you can also take your excess recycling and glass to one of our community recycling centres.

Wrong bin

If you’ve put out the wrong bin or crate please take it back inside and present it again on your collection day.

However you can also take your excess recycling and glass to one of our community recycling centres and/or rubbish to your closest transfer station.

Report a missed collection

Were your bins not collected? You can report a missed collection through our online form here.


We’ve got a couple of resources you download here.


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